What are the facilities available to the former President of India?

By: Rajat Kumar | Last Updated: July 25, 2022

Even after retiring, the President of India lives a luxurious life.  After retiring from the post of Supreme Commander of the three armies, the President gets many allowances and facilities.  The former President is given an 8-room government bungalow.  Along with this, the former President is also entitled to a hefty pension.

  • After retiring from the post of President, pension of Rs 1.5 lakh per month to the former President.
  • An amount of 30 thousand rupees is given to the wife as secretarial assistance per month.
  • 60,000 is given for secretarial staff and office.
  • The former president is given a bungalow with at least 8 rooms.
  • Former President gets 2 landlines, a mobile phone and internet connection.
  • Free electricity and water facility to former president.
  • Vehicles and drivers are also given to the former president.
  • Free medical facility is also provided.
  • The personal staff of five people is also available to the former president.
  • The security of Delhi Police is given.
  • Free train and air travel facility to former President in first class with one person.