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HTML Entities

HTML entities are special codes used to represent characters that have a special meaning in HTML. These characters include things like angle brackets (< and >), ampersands (&), and other special characters like © and ®.

HTML entities are written using the syntax &entity_name; where entity_name is the name of the entity. For example, the entity < represents the less than symbol (<), and the entity & represents the ampersand (&).

Here are some commonly used HTML entities:

&lt; - less than (<)
&gt; - greater than (>)
&amp; - ampersand (&)
&quot; - double quote (")
&apos; - single quote (')
&nbsp; - non-breaking space
&copy; - copyright symbol (©)
&reg; - registered trademark symbol (®)
&trade; - trademark symbol (™)
&hearts; - heart symbol (♥)
&bull; - bullet point (•)

HTML entities can be useful when you want to include special characters in your HTML code that might otherwise be interpreted as markup. 


Example #1:

If you want to display the text "5 < 10", you would need to use the &lt; entity to represent the less than symbol, like this:

5 &ltl 10

It will display output like:

5 < 10


Example #2:

To write the word "I'm" in HTML, we can use the entity ' for the apostrophe, like this:

<p>I&apos;m learning HTML</p>

It will display output like:

I'm learning HTML