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HTML Computer Code Elements

HTML provides several elements that can be used to display computer code or programming code on a web page. These elements are used to display code snippets, syntax highlighting, and other formatting to make the code easier to read and understand. Here are some examples of HTML code elements:


<code> Element: 

The <code> element is used to represent a fragment of computer code. This element does not provide any specific formatting to the code.


<code>var x = 5;</code>


<pre> Element: 

The <pre> element is used to represent preformatted text. This element preserves white space and line breaks, and also provides a monospace font to the text.


function greet(name) {
 console.log(`Hello, ${name}!`);


<kbd> Element: 

The <kbd> element is used to represent keyboard input. This element is typically used to highlight keyboard shortcuts or other input that the user may need to enter.


To save a file, press <kbd>Ctrl + S</kbd>.


<samp> Element: 

The <samp> element is used to represent sample output or example output from a computer program. This element is often used in tutorials or documentation to show the expected output from a particular command or function.


The output of the command is: <samp>ls -l</samp>

Overall, these HTML code elements are useful for displaying computer code on a web page and making it more readable and understandable for users.