Flexible APIs Pricing Plans for Your Business

APIs Pricing Plans

You can use our flexible API pricing plans that refer to the different pricing models offered by us for accessing APIs. We are offering one-key to all-API-services, where you can use our all APIs with just one api key. You just need to buy any api plan as per your API call usage. There are several API pricing plans:

Trial Plan

Plan Price:

0 / 100 Requests

Lets Get Started

Free Trial Tier

In this plan, API access is free of charge, but it may come with restrictions, such as limited API calls, usage quotas, or data transfer limits. This plan is ideal for developers who are testing and experimenting with an API.

Starter Plan

25k 100k

Plan Price:

5% Discount

23,750 / 25k Requests
Base Price: ₹ 1 / Request

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Pay As You Go Tier

Pay-as-you-go API pricing is a pricing model where customers are charged based on the number of API calls they make. This pricing model is designed to be flexible and cost-effective for customers who have varying usage patterns.

No Auto-Renewal. Top-up Anytime.

No Expiration Time for API Calls/Request.

Unlimited Plan

Features Includes:

Unlimited Requests (> 100k calls)

Monthly or Yearly Pricing

Recurring / Auto-Renewal Pay

Dedicated Support Team

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Enterprise Tier

This plan requires customers to pay a recurring fee, typically on a monthly or annual basis, to access the API. The fee may include a fixed amount for API access and additional charges for usage beyond a certain threshold.

Important Note:
Abbreviations Terms: 1k = 1000.
There is no expiration time for free and pay-as-you-go plans API calls/request quota limit.
Prices in INR (Indian Rupee) for the purposes of India customers only. For customers outside India, these prices will be slightly different.
Additional service tax would be applicable on all the packages as per the law of India.
We reserve the rights to amend/edit/modify APIs terms of uses and prices mentioned in the plans without any prior notice.